Every so often, I am sparked by an intense urge to work on a side project with a temporal motivation distribution so peaky and exponentially declining, that it becomes a miracle if I end up finishing it. In any case, here are some things I've worked on in my spare time:


CFit is a curve fitting tool written in Python, based on the method of least squares. It comes equipped with some standard functions and a graphical user interface. Some of the functions provided are: polynomials from linear upto quintic; periodic functions like sine and square waves; peaked functions such as Gaussian, Lorentzian, Poisson, Laplacian; and monotonic functions like exponential, power law, and logarithmic.

Under the hood, the code calls scipy.optimize.curve_fit, but the real strength of this tool lies in the fact that by looking at the range, scale and behaviour of the data, the code automatically provides a initial guess for the parameters for curve_fit to work with. Of course, if the user decides, they can also provide their own initial guess, which can be useful in cases where the code fails to work. The plot and residuals conveniently show how good the fit is, also there is also functionality to customize the plots.

Check it out on GitHub

JWST high-$z$ literature

This is a (probably incomplete) list of high-$z$ papers, made in light of the flurry of exciting observations and results from the JWST telescope. Big thanks to Christian Kirkham (@1420megahertz) for his immense help on the web-design aspects.

Check it out here